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AST Shaker Bottle


  • Leak proof lid
  • Graded mixer
  • Large size
  • Measuring lines
Product Information

Do you ever notice how you dismiss the most simple things until something really innovative comes along to change your whole outlook? Well this is one of those things – the shaker bottle of all shaker bottles.

Think about it. Isn’t it hard to find a shaker bottle that’s big enough to mix a real protein shake? One that’s designed to actually shake without you wearing the protein drink. One that’s easy to use and easy to clean. It’s here.

The new AST Sports Science “Ultimate Shaker Bottle” is all that and more. It has an extra wide mouth for hassle-free mixing. Pour in the liquid with precision accuracy provided by ounce and milliliter measurements printed clearly on the shaker. Scoop in the powder. No spill, no mess. It comes with a unique mixer insert that ensures your shake gets thoroughly blended into a smooth, creamy, and lump-free treat. The snap on top creates a leak-proof seal so no matter how hard you shake it, it will not come loose. The AST Ultimate Shaker also has a drip-free spout for easy accurate pour. And you can even drink straight from the shaker if you like.

Get your very own AST Ultimate Shaker Bottle today and make preparing ultra-smooth protein shake an easy process from start to finish.